Commercial Winner


This commercial interior design project by Heather Sheridan won 4 awards at the annual Dream Room Competition.

Commercial – 1st Place 
Patti Award – 2nd Place
The People’s Choice – 3rd Place
The Donayre Award

Location: Parker, CO

Designer Credits: Heather Sheridan

Project Overview:

This Castle Rock community center hadn’t been updated in ten years. My clients wanted an updated design that would allow for more seating in a conversational setting. In addition, they needed the flexibility to have board meetings for twelve people. Another challenge was the strong sun and lastly, materials had to be “indestructible.”

Commercial Winner

Design Challenges Addressed

This community center had not been updated for the better part of ten year. In addition to an updated look, they wanted me to redesign the space with more seating in a conversational setting, yet they still needed the flexibility to have board meetings for twelve people.

When conducting their board meetings, they always faced challenges with sun glare. They wanted an option to control the sunlight when needed, but wanted something to hide the shades so that when the center was rented out for parties, visitors would not be tempted to play with the window treatments! It was also imperative with this project that everything be very durable and almost “indestructible.”

Solutions Provided

To address their desire to have space to conduct their board meetings but disguise the tables when not in use; I chose console tables that flip open giving them the proper meeting space. When they are not in use as board meeting tables, they are console tables that display beautiful lamps and table decor. I used Crypton fabric on the inside of the chairs by the fireplace, wrapped in leather for durability. For the additional conversation area I chose fabulous microsuede chairs.

Addressing their sun glare issues; I installed roller shades made of natural materials that could roll up underneath the cornices that disguised them very well and eliminated temptation by visitors. I added cornice boards to all the other windows that did not require the roller shades, for a cohesive design. I also replaced the drapery panels. All the soft window treatments were completed in a fresh, vibrant fabric pattern.