Kids Rooms for Every Age


Most interior designers love decorating children’s rooms. They usually present special opportunities to create personality, whimsy, fantasy, or even another locale. Children’s rooms sometimes also offer the homeowner more than one chance for a redesign as children grow.

The princess or the pirate are perfectly themed kids bedrooms for smaller children.

A princess and a pirate. Using a theme to take a child to another place is always fun. The princess room above left was designed for a little girl whose family had just moved from Paris. The Parisian print bedding, a crown over the headboard, and a vanity table for playing with jewelry and hair ribbons make for a fanciful space. The boys who venture into the pirate room indeed have a reason to never want to grow up. Their pirate boat mast and operational pirate wheel take them to any land they can imagine.

These two rooms highlight how different teenagers rooms can be and how they should reflect the kid's personality.

The room above left is a transformation from a young girl’s room full of color (pink, blue and purple) to one that suits an older teenage boy. The statement wall features an angle design with white and black. The masculine space even includes a gaming area with top-notch furnishings. The room above right is for a teenage girl who favored a soft, feminine, bohemian/eclectic style. The suspended “egg” swing provides a comfy lounge area and is a great design solution for a small space.

Two delightful bunk rooms for grandkids.

The goal above left was to create a gender-neutral fun and happy guest room for grandchildren. Yellow, bright orange and turquoise colors were inspired by animal print artwork. The room above right was designed for a growing family of young grandchildren and friends. Vivid artwork depicting sea creatures and ocean buoys and coral bedding add a fun factor. The emerald pouffes offer seating in the play area.

These two kids rooms show different ways to handle tall ceilings or awkward ceilings.

Ceilings often present a challenge. Using a pink hue and keeping the molding white enhanced the details of the huge ceiling above left. The spectacular chandelier adds a dramatic statement to the ceiling. The sloped ceiling on the right provided an opportunity for a custom paint treatment in hot pink with blue geometric lines that draw the eye to the bedding.

A 3D mural opposite a huge set of gold lips make for a spectacular kids room.

The 3D mural opposite the bed here adds glamour and combined with the pink walls takes attention away from asymmetrical sloped ceiling. Where else could you use colossal gold lips as wall art but in a glamorous conversion of an old library room into an oasis for a daughter. Note how the main furniture pieces are styled for an adult and will continue with the daughter as she grows up.

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